Gas Hot Water on Main House

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Changing over from an empty tank

When the hot water stops working in the main house it means a gas tank has emptied.

The gas tanks are outside at the back of the house near the water tanks.

Location of the tanks

To switch over from an empty to a full tank do the following:

  1. Look at the red tank switch at the top between the two tanks, the tank that it points to is the one that is empty.
    In this picture the right hand tank is selected
  2. Completely shut off the currently selected (empty) tank using the valve on the top of the tank by turning it clockwise until it stops (there should be a visible arrow pointing in the direction to turn the valve to close it). If it is already closed then you may have made a mistake in step one.
    Turn fully clockwise until it stops to close the tank valve
  3. Push the red tank selector fully rotating it around 180 degrees (pushing it backwards towards the bricks) until it is pointing towards the other tank. It's a tight squeeze and it might rub against the bricks a little bit, just keep pushing it past the bricks until it's fully turned.
    push the red tab towards the bricks rotating the selector through 180 degrees until it comes to a stop and points at the other tank
  4. Fully open the valve on the top of the newly selected tank by turning it anti-clockwise until it stops (there should be a visible arrow pointing in the direction to turn the valve to open it).
    Turn fully anti-clockwise until it stops to open the tank valve
  5. Go to the laundry sink and test that you have hot water again, it should come through within 30 seconds. If not double check the tank valves and the tank selector. If you are sure you have done it right you might have to switch the gas hot water system off and on again (it is up stairs on the balcony off the master bedroom). If it's still not working after trying this you might have two empty tanks. You did get the last empty replaced didn't you?
  6. Put an entry in the calendar that you have switched the gas tanks.
  7. Call Hadlers to replace the empty tank.

If anything goes wrong just call Scott.