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All the time

  • Ensure the water level is always above the skimmer, if it drops close to the bottom of the skimmer top it up from the house water for 1 hour or until the water level reaches the middle of the skimmer box.
  • Sweep any dirt that has settled on the ledges/steps into the middle of the pool so they get a chance to be filtered out
  • Skim out any large debris (leaves, mice, frogs etc.)
  • Only remove spiders when you plan to swim (they eat all the other little critters that get into the pool, like the crickets).
  • Empty the skimmer box filter every couple of weeks, it will get leaves in it.
  • Empty the pump filter baskets every month, you can see which ones need emptying via the viewing windows.
  1. Turn off the cleaning system (otherwise the pumps might turn on while you're cleaning them)
  2. Unscrew the top off the pump filter trap
  3. Remove the basket and wash it out with a hose
  4. Put the filter basket back in and put the top back on
  5. Repeat for each pump depending on how much debris is in the filter trap
  6. Turn the cleaning system back to auto
  • Clean the water filter every month
  1. Ideally get Scott to do this, otherwise:
  2. Ensure the cleaning system is switched off (it would be very bad if it came on while you were cleaning it)
  3. Fully remove the little tap on the top of the filter box (don't lose it)
  4. Wait for the water to drain
  5. Remove the ring at the top of the filter box by turning it anti-clockwise
  6. When it's fully off us the handles to remove the lid
  7. Using the filter cleaning hose attachment remove and clean each of the four filters and then replace them
  8. Put the lid back on pushing it firmly to seal it well all the way around
  9. Put the ring back on turning it clockwise, keep turning it until the lock mechanism latches it (you will hear it click)
  10. Replace the little tap on the top but only screw it in half way
  11. Turn on the cleaning system and let it run until all the air is out of the system, water will come out of the little tap at the top of the filter when all the air is gone
  12. While the pumps are still running fully close the little tap at the top of the filter box
  13. Let the pumps run a few more minutes, make sure there is no water leaking from the top of the filter. If there is you will need to tighten the ring more (do this after you switch off the pumps, then re-test)
  14. Switch the cleaning system to auto


  • Turn on the solar hot water system
  • Adjust the timers so that the system cleans once in the morning for 2 hours and once in the evening for 2 hours
  • Adjust the chlorine level to 6


  • Turn off the solar hot water system
  • Leave the blanket on all the time
  • Adjust the timers so that the system comes on 2 hours per day
  • Adjust the chlorine level to 3

How to set the time

How to set the cleaning programs